Hakka Nursery Rhyme Do Re Mi

Is a team of children class of Hualien Hakka Affairs Department. For promote the culture of Hakka , to set up this class for children. We hope to teach children singing Hakka nursery rhyme can let them learning Hakka language and culture also to continued tradition of Hakka. Thank you very much for the help and companionship of parents, so that children can be catchy of nursery rhyme, but also with the music of rhythm singing and dancing.

Hakka Folk Song Class of Feng Lin

Folk song is directly reflected in living way of people and culture, also about the place to live and climate. They are inseparable indeed. In Hualien the place where living so many people who is from Hakka family and the Hakka folk song are so beautiful to let every people from different place, different culture love to enjoy it.

Because of that reason, the people from Feng Lin they wanted to establish this class. To active a lots of performance show just for showing the audience the beautiful of Hakka.

Dance Class of Ruisui Hakka Affairs Department

Ruisui Hakka Affairs Department was found of in The 83rd year of Republic of China. Is about twenty-one years for this department has been continued. Also they have more than 300 members in this class. Jui- Chin, Yu who is the president of the department. Jui- Chin, Yu She likes to dance so she led member to dance. And also teaching and training the members about Hakka dance. She said dancing not just can stretching body and make body healthier, and also can be an entertainment in the part of life style. They were not just had performance inside the Ruisui, also were invited to different town in Hualien. Led by Jui- Chin, Yu, the president of the department. Promoted to let every kwon the excellent culture of Hakka.