Shengming Lion Dance & Drum Troupe

Founded in 2004, Shengming consists of students who love the lion dance, drum parade, martial arts, and traditional folk art. The leader, Chen Tsai-sheng, teaches the art singlehandedly. Aiming to pass on the folk art, he has led the team to win a widespread reputation across Hualien and Taitung. To this day, they have won many group gold medals in martial arts at martial arts competitions such as CKS Cup, Mayor Cup and Sports Administration Cup. They also won the title of group champion in three consecutive years. In 2011, they were the champion at the Fuyuan Drum Competition and named the “Outstanding Performance Group” by Hualien County Cultural Affairs Bureau. They have delivered eye-catching performances across Taiwan.

Folk Song Class of Hualien Hakka Affairs Department

We are a group of people who love to sing Hakka folk songs. It is natural that the Hakka people like to sing Hakka songs. If you cannot sing any Hakka song, you should come learn with us and help pass on the great Hakka folk songs. The Hakka folk songs are pleasing to the ear, and we hope that they can be passed on generation after generation. We also want to pass on the elegant Hakka language through Hakka folk songs and spread the songs across the world.