Dance Class of Hualien Hakka Affairs Department

The students of the Dance Class of Hualien Hakka Affairs Department are a group of women who come from all walks of life and love Hakka culture. Under the guidance of the instructor, Chiang Liang-Wei, they practice every Friday night at the Hualien County Hakka Cultural Center. Apart from performing in various activities held by Hualien Hakka Affairs Department, they are often invited to perform for government agencies, schools, and organizations. They spare no effort in promoting Hakka dance and culture and have received high praise and approval by many.

Hualien Hakka Choir

“Hualien Hakka Choir” is composed of a group of people that love Hakka culture and singing. It was founded in 1997, and with the support of Hakka Affairs Council, the choir has successfully grown and been well received by the locals in Hualien. From different cultural backgrounds, the members work together to promote Hakka culture.

Leader: Kuo Jung-tsun

Consultants: Wu Shui-yun, Lu Sung-yen, Yeh Jih-sung, Hsu Mu-chang, Chang Chen-Kun, Chang Cheng-sheng, Hsu Wan-chun.

Conductor: Li Hui-min

Accompaniment: Lai Yi-fen

Bali Youth Percussion Band

Bali Youth Percussion Band originated from the drum club of Micang Elementary School. Established for over four years, its performance has continuously received high praise. In February 2015, the group was invited to perform at “The 2nd International Children’s Art Festival in Hokkaido” in Japan. Their repertoire includes all sorts of percussion instruments; bass drums and Hira-daiko drums are used as their main instruments, while Japan’s Shime-daiko drums and traditional Chinese gongs and cymbals are also played to create multi-layered music. Compared to traditional drum bands, it has a wider sound range and combines drum music from different countries.

Fuyuan Sonorous Drum Band

There is a saying in the Bazai community in Fuyuan: “children who play drums don’t go astray.” Drumming has always been a shared memory among the residents in the Fuyuan community. The Fuyuan Sonorous Drum Band of Hualien County Fuyuan Junior High School was crowned the champion at the Drum Competition of the 12 Hakka Festivals in 2018. Recently, they were invited as the warm-up act for the fireworks show on National Day in Hualien; the nine members astonished the audience with two pieces: Victory over Chained Horses and Thundering Sounds, to represent the place that cradled the drum competition, the “Bazai community” of Fuyuan. The audience heaped lavish praise on the performing students.

Tendrum Art Percussion Group

Over thousands of years, the ocean island of “Formosa” gave birth to a wealth of natural resources, diverse arts, and humanities. As a result of this environment, the ” Ten Drum ” artists were created and they not only have then been active in Taiwan but also they have converged with the world drumming culture.

Ten Drum Art Percussion Group was established in the spring of 2000 and “To share Taiwanese local culture and carry forward the drumming art heritage.” is the group’s main development goals. The word “ten” represents a pair of crossed drumsticks that bring together energy and gather together the strength of unity.

Over the years, the group’s musical works have been loved by the audiences because of the artistic themes of land, scenery, and diverse ethnic percussion elements along with the rich traditional appearances helps to make the “drum” so diverse and exciting! In addition, the Ten Drum Art Percussion Group also has the following objectives: Native percussion styles, popular national drum techniques, local education, diverse ideas, educational enlightenment, invite world cultures, and promoting the art of drumming.

Since Taiwan was colonized for much of its history so it does not really have its own drumming techniques. Outside drumming influences are many, but there is a lack of unique local spirit. The Ten Drum Percussion Group leader felt that Taiwan’s thousands of years of drum technique did have not have its own roots, so the leader decided to commit to creating a truly unique Taiwanese drum music for the future of the Taiwan art culture. Therefore most of the groups drum music reflects the history, scenery, and other local cultural themes so that the drum art culture of Taiwan can continue forever.

SinNgaVug Flower Drum Band

SinNgaVug Flower Drum Band was founded in 1947. It features the Chou character (comic role); performers play the traditional drums in traditional clothes and with dance steps. It is the only Hakka flower drum group in Taiwan. The origin of the band was inspired by the heroic story of Lu Jun-Yi, one of the outlaws in Water Margin. The members named the band after the story and formed the SinNgaVug Flower Drum Band. The band consists of 16 members. They wear quaint clothes and the improved versions of traditional clothes, as some of the male members cross-dress. Every member dances along with the music. The vibrant and comic drumming and dance moves are their main characteristics.

Unique and Quality Hakka Drum Band: Reality Punch Percussion

Reality Punch Percussion was established in 2013. Their main instruments come from scrap in the surroundings. The members revive these deserted things discarded by people. Upholding the spirit of “combating reality,” they believe that rhythm and creativity are everywhere. In addition to percussion, they also integrate theater, street performance, and physical interaction into their performances to bring the audience limitless surprises. In the future, they will continue to work in theater and promote their unique percussion performances to the world.

YuGuFun Drum Group

The group was founded by Chen Wen-chi in 2005. With the joint effort of people who are passionate about traditional and modern drum art, the group incorporates traditional drum art with the rich Taiwanese folk art, the essence of eastern and western drum music, and modern musical elements. Furthermore, they combine the rhythmic essence of Japan’s Daiko drums, African drums, western percussion instruments, and traditional Chinese instruments, such as Chinese flutes and Erhu. They also include abundant physical and technical changes in their performances. Their bold and meticulous innovation combines the quintessence of modern and traditional drum art. The group strives to create new trends in modern drum art and to develop new and diverse drum music.